Care Line Vital Nutrition

Mild cleansing shampoo nourishes the hair and restores the moisture balance. Hair becomes more flexible, elastic and shiny.Gives you stronger and healthier hair with improved capability. Rinse-out conditioner regenerates the moisture balance of dry, porous and damaged hair. It adds new energy to dull and lifeless hair, without adding weight. 


Shaping Hairspray, Straight Cream, Protein Spray, and Power Paste

So Pure – Organic from Keune

Moisturizing, Color, and Calming Shampoo and Conditioner

Care Line Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment for resistant and damaged hair. Keratin, Keravis and peptides improve the strength of the hair and add shine.

Care Line Satin Oil

For silky soft, shiny hair Now you can transform dull, dry hair into radiant, shiny tresses. Care Line Satin Oil is the beauty phenomenon that improves the quality of the hair remarkably, making it stronger and shinier without feeling greasy or heavy.  Care Line nourishes the hair and helps to balance the function of the scalp with a special 5 Essential Mineral Complex. The result is beautiful  hair with an improved moisture balance and a healthy scalp.

Care Line Color Brillianz

Keune Care Line Color Brilliance Shampoo has sunflower Seed Extract, Solamer and LP300 color stabilizer strengthen the vibrancy of color treated hair and reduce breakage.